“MServiceGarage” was setup as Milt’s Service Garage’s alter ego. We campaign several vehicles in Solo II and Club Racing including an STi, M3, 325is and Z3.

Our customers are also campaigning Acura GSRs to Nissan 240SXs. We wanted to cater to those clients with the same passion about their performance automobiles as we have shown. We can provide you top quality service and repair for your street or track vehicle.

What services we offer:

  • Drive-train modifications
  • Brake upgrades
  • Suspension tuning
  • Custom alignments
  • Corner balancing
  • Track support

Give us a call and let us know what you would like to achieve with your vehicle.


  • Corner Balancing Download
  • Effects of Suspension Changes Download
  • Suspension Dynamics Download
  • Spring Rate Calculator Download


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So just what is Autocross? - click here to find out

What is Autocross?

It is a relatively low-speed automotive competition event where drivers try to be the fastest in their class through a defined course. Cars run one at a time at safe intervals, and a timing system is used to determine each driver’s time on course.

what is autocross The course is defined by orange cones which gladly risk their lives for the purpose. The layout is the creation of a diabolical autocrosser who tries to make the course easy to follow, yet difficult to drive quickly. Each driver is given a limited number of runs during which you try to find the fastest way around the course.

What to expect at an event: Tech inspectors check each car to be sure that it is in good condition for the event. Basically, a car will pass if everything is bolted together properly, is not spewing fluids all over the place, the seat belts, shocks, brakes and steering work, the battery is properly secured, and loose items have been removed from the passenger compartment and trunk. They’ll also check to be sure that your tires are DOT-approved, have visible tread and are not under-inflated.
Once the course is fully set up, it is opened for walking. Taking a nice leisurely stroll around the course is a great way to analyze turn-in, apex and track-out points. This is the last time you’ll be on the course with an opportunity to stop and look back in the direction from which you came – well, on purpose anyway. See if you can figure out places to use your car’s characteristics to best advantage. Take note of the positions of the timing lights, so as to avoid hitting them later.

Finally, it is your run group’s turn to drive. Line your car up on pre-grid. The pre-grid manager will tell you when to pull up to the starting line. Then watch the flagger for the green flag and GO! This is when you find out if you remember the course from your walk.
Look well ahead. Don’t worry about the turn you’re in now, look for the next one and figure out the best way to connect the turns. Feel the car as the tires load up and unload. Could you have taken a turn faster? Try it on the next run. Is the car getting squirrelly on you? That’s a spot where you might want to back off a bit next time, or try a different line. Are you getting the most out of your car? uses autocross and other motorsports events to learn, apply and fine tune our cars and customer cars. Spring rates, shock dampening, sway bars, tire selection all play an important role in performance driving. Come out to the track and put your car and your ability to the test.
Nothing is as important as safety and we want you to enjoy your motorsport experience as much as we do.

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